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Technology connected the business and end user to other devices with access to telecommunications.


The infrastructure that transports the information from devices worldwide and creates the connection.

Electronics & Electrical Intergration with Automation

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Our Approach

PC MAXXX ITE Solutions, LLC is to do the task right and meeting you personal or business standard of satisfaction and budget.  We also focus on giving you the best personalization and customization while also giving you day-to-day support.

We are working to integrate the technology that you have to your daily life, business, and home so that you can get the most out of your tech and have a partner to help you be productive and enjoy it.

Our Story

We are a local business to the Greater Denver Area where the owner, Jered Scurlock, was raised graduating from Cedarwood Christian Academy in Aurora, CO and along the way attending George Washington HS in Denver.  After graduating high school, an enlistment into the US Marine Corps as a ground communications technician serving in the US, Japan & Iraq for over 6 years.  After completing an enlistment with the US Marine Corps the experiences with technology grew working with such companies as EDS, HP, Sprint, KitCo Fiber Optics, Schlumberger, Birch, Lockheed Martin, Centura Health, & Orange Business Service.  Always working with companies that are rapidly growing in the technology field and that have a high-quality sense of work.  This standard of excellence has continued on into the business of PC MAXXX ITE Solutions, LLC and also the over 15 years of experience of Information Technologies, Telecommunications, and Electronics.  We are focused on always

We are focused on always on bringing the best quality service to you and being a technology partner to you where you need it for installation, service, setup and configuration.  We are here for you to get you the tech that you need because we understand that technology is a bridge to convenience so that you can maximize communication and increase capability.  The advantage is that you are able to trust in PC MAXXX to get the job done while you are able to put your focus toward your family and the needs of your business.

Meet the Team

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Include a short bio with an interesting fact about the person.


Jered Scurlock


Include a short bio with an interesting fact about the person.

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