Our Approach

PC MAXXX ITE Solutions, LLC is to do the task right and meeting you personal or business standard of satisfaction and budget.  We also focus on giving you the best personalization and customization while also giving you day-to-day support.

We are working to integrate the technology that you have to your daily life, business, and home so that you can get the most out of your tech and have a partner to help you be productive and enjoy it.

Our Story

We have humble beginnings working with basic computers in HS in Aurora, CO and also learning how to do some basic hacking to get into our dad's computer just to play our favorite game lemmings.  There is over 15 years of experience with communications technology, telecommunications, information technology and advanced electronics repair (microsoldering, electronics diagnostics, & electronic system design & architechture, etc).  Jered Scurlock is a US Marine Corps veteran serving in the US coast to coast and also Japan and Camp Fallujah Iraq as a ground communications technician from 2002 to 2009.  We have also worked with HP, Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, Birch, Lockheed Martin, Centura Health, Konica Minolta, Orange Business Services, Century Link, Fujitsu, NCR, DMC and many more and we look to work with you and fulfill your plan and project expectations.

Meet your tech partner

I will be your technology partner looking to design and fulfill the desires that you have along with the expectation for the configuration of the information technology and communications equipment integrated to meet your expectations.

I am a US Marine Corps Veteran and a Colorado naitive with the experience with technology and also with people and will do my best to always be competitive and focused on you.

I am a husband and a father of a son and a daughter and will be focused to make the best of the circumstances.  Focused on putting you first and bringest the best value for your business and family.

I am your dedicated technical advisor and partner to make sure that you are optimized in your uptime and bringest your business up to speed and connecting you to your customers.

Next Steps...

We look forward to speaking with you whether you need a  couple lines ran, A/V theater system built or some phone line turn on and your internet configured.