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Cloud IT


The “Cloud” the millennials understand the concepts and the cloud explained is the data infrastructure that is hosting the rapid and secure exchange of the information where it is housed, located and replicated virtually across multiple data center sites most are in different states.

Preparation for Devastation

Parish Criminal District Court

The cloud technology allows for the safest environment for the data so that in the even of a natural disaster just as in the case of Katrina in The Parish Criminal District Court and many others lost countless casefiles and evidence as described in the 2006 LA Times Report.  The data that is stored locally and on paper alone puts your operation at the mercy of the infrastructure that you have in the office and also leaves you high and dry in the event that there is an office fire, theft, power related damages, and network downtime.

Boulder, Colorado region Flood of 2013

Tragically there was a massive flood in 2013 and Boulder and Longmont along with other neighboring cities going past Lyons and into the boarders for Estes Park as show in the clip this severely impacted the communities with loss of life, memories, livelihood and property.  The restoration is a process that has still to this day in the Summer 2017 is an ongoing process to repair and rebuild.

The businesses that were not prepared with digital integration of what was needed to continue to operate lost most of their livelihood because of the impact and devastation of the flood. The documents and history that must be restored to continue to operate for a business are critical in time like these.


Cloud Benefits for You

As highlighted by the Fall 2010 Wired article, 5 Cloud Business Benefits, The cloud increases the efficiency as stated before and along with benefiting the business agility where the business can be more agile and adaptive to changes that are needed, new business models are easily implemented and innovation can have flexibility with the growth, less operating issues with the reduction of the issue and defects using systems utilization through optimized virtual infrastructure, better use of resources which is better uses of the physical equipment inside of the cloud environment, and less capital expense because the organization is able to fully take control of the OpEx and does not have to maintain the infrastructure locally.


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