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Information Technology is the technology that connects your device to the network or cloud.

Security & Video

Security systems and CCTV with real-time access and monitoring is what we provide, service maintain and install.

Home Automation

Home and Building Automation are the connected device controls that allow remote access and programmable electrical and electronic control.


Telecommunications is the internet which is also known as the cloud. This is where connected technology gives access through data, voice, and infrastructure.

Audio Visual

Audio Visual the connected technology for TV, projectors and sounds systems. Home entertainment is most synonymous with home entertainment systems.


Electrical is the essential supply in all of the custom integrated technology for electrical and custom lighting. 120V/220V/270V/480V.

Our Service Focus

We focus our services as a technology integrator in three major technology areas.  We focus on information technology, telecommunications, and electronics and electrical integration.  The backbone to custom integrated technology is the telecommunications which is the networking and connected services through the web that increase the ease of access.  The electrical paired with the electronic give access to different programmable functions whether closing the blinds or changing the lights on at dawn and turning the sprinklers on in the Summer and in the maintaining your comfortable temperature in the home or office.  The information technology in the link between the device or the electronics and electrically integrated device and the web or cloud.  The information technology must be robust and secure so that they infrastructure of devices and your privacy is continually protected.

Beginning with a ground communications in the US Marine Corps from 2002 to 2009 serving from 29 Palms to Japan to Fallujah to North Carolina.  The Marine Corps communication give the connection from the base using the technology as a bridge to call in support or to call in a medical evacuation, and this is where I learned the base of quality in service because when there are lives on the line with the task that is done excellence is always demanded.  Understanding that we will always strive to give our best service in all task that we have the opportunity to serve you with always and we look forward to working with you on the next project.



Jered Scurlock

Started out learning how to hack into a locked computer when my brother and I were just 10 years old just to play a game lemmings

Then I had the opportunity from the great school I graduated from CWCA where I was giving the opportunity to manage and setup the computers that were in the computer lab and in the high school classroom.  I loved having the opportunity to come back and put some new computers in the computer lab when Serta donated them from an upgraded project.

I went into the US Marine Corps and served from 2002 to 2009 from the US to Japan and Iraq as a ground communication technician 2847 always serving to the highest level always working with all levels of communication from RF, UHF, satellite, wires, fiber optic, cellular and more. 

The Marines gave me a better understanding and purpose for critical thinking and I moved to work for HP as an IT Specialist for NMCI & MCW SiPR, Schlumberger as a LWD RSS Power Drive Technician, and Centura Health as an IT Support Technician in the greater Denver Area.

Working as an engineer in business and I have had the pleasure to serve many customers including some as DMC, Molson-Coors, Sally’s, Walmart, US Bank, PFC Private First Class Transportation, DHA, Rand CC, and more.

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