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Getting the Right Power your devices.


Lighting to accent the room and property layout.


Getting your devices connected to your control and schedule.

Quality Work

We are focused to always deliver to you the best quality of workmanship with the electrical automation and integration using controllers as ABB, Control 4, Savant, Honeywell and more to personalize your technology to you.  There are many ways connecting the technology to you which can be as simple as adding Lutron Pro controls to control the lights with Alexa or Google Home voice controls.  The temperature being controlled and working with the remote blinds and the ceiling fans completely controlling the environment in your home.  The most complex things to provide comfort where your friends and family are with you to enjoy a movie in the family room and you can turn the TV to Netflix or Hulu also a new film on Apple TV and set the lights, close the blinds, and quiet the room for the movie or show.  We look forward to working with you on your project soon and bringing the imagination to reality with the best quality.

Quality is the foundation of all work especially in the custom home and controls.  The better the quality allows for the longevity of the technology and also the use.  We have been working in the custom technology integration field for over 10 years and the goal is to fit the technology and controls to you and your home and also raise the value of the property with the installation.

We look forward to working with you soon on your project.